DNS Protection Services

Domain Name System (DNS) is said to be the building block of network communications. It is the naming system for computers, websites, IPs over internet and is extremely important for the functionality of IT infrastructure. With the kind of importance DNS has, it has become a regular target of intruders. Just by entering inside the DNS server of a company, intruders can single handedly compromise the private data and functional capabilities of a company.

This is why it becomes equally important to invest in the protection of DNS servers. It is fascinating to know that according to Cisco, around 92% of optimized malwares are designed to attack the DNS infrastructure. This is a huge number! This tells us a lot about the venerability of un-protected DNS servers. It is even horrifying that around 68% of high level organizations do not monitor the exchanges their DNS servers make. Going by this trend, the future of DNS servers’ functionality seems in danger.
DNS Protection proudly presents itself in the domain of DNS server protection. We understand how important it is for you to keep the intruders away from your DNS servers. We have professionally sound individuals who are passionate about protecting the unprotected. DNS Protection has gained the trust of clients with our seamless services and extra-ordinary protective mechanism.

According to DNS Protection, the most ideal approach to ensure your system’s foundation against malware is to dispose the danger of gadgets debasement. DNS Protection anticipates the related risks of connected devices / gadgets calling for external host servers. The risk of getting attacked by a malware gets reduced by enabling recursive DNS servers to stop enquiries from known blacklisted IP addresses.

Extremely Easy and Customizable
DNS Protection offers extremely easy to implement and trustworthy malware protection that can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Faster Detection and Isolation
DNS Protection is designed to pick up any irregularity there is with the data packets sent by internally connected devices. Since 90% of the malwares come from the infected internal devices, it is important to identify such gadgets and isolate them from the grid network.

DNS Protection identifies such disrupting activities and comes to action instantly. The localization of infected IP carrying device is done and the threat is eliminated through its core.
Differentiates between Authoritative Name Servers and Dedicated Recursive Servers
DNS Protection knows the importance of authoritative name servers. These servers are usually not differentiated from recursive servers and this leads to a lot of loopholes from where any risky malware can enter the system. With DNS Protection, the differentiation is clear and absolute.

Helps in blocking recursive queries
Stats show that around 60-70% of malwares are designed to flood DNS with recursive queries. With DNS Protection, the recursive queries are closely monitored and in case of any irregularity, the connection between the infected device and the name server gets disconnected to prevent any damage.