6 Important Features of Great Web Hosting Services

Whether you choose VPS hosting or any other type of hosting account for your website, ensure you have the basic features of a hosting service. Here are the top six web hosting features to have in mind.

1. Disk Space

All web hosting services offer a particular amount of disk space you require to store your files. Before you choose a web hosting service, consider the amount of space you will need for your databases, your emails, or your web files. By sorting out the estimates that you need in advance, you can know the amount of space you’ll need.

2. Email Accounts

Email accounts are a common feature of the right web hosts. You need several email accounts. Ensure you are well informed of the number of email accounts they’ll let you set up. At the same time, remember to check out their conditions for receiving the accounts. You are better placed if they also provide webmail interfaces.

3. Amount of Bandwidth

You are probably asking what we mean by this term “bandwidth”. It refers to the amount of data your web host will allow you and your visitors to download and upload within a given period. After exhausting your monthly bandwidth, your host will either charge you extra MB of bandwidth or not allow any more visitors. This means the amount of bandwidth your host gives you will determine either your success or failure. Choose a host that sets the bar where everyone can see it to avoid last minute surprises.

4. Database Support

These days, all websites seem to have databases. Be sure to use the type of database you are comfortable with. Most web hosting services currently offer MySQL. If you are like most people, it can meet your needs, but if you prefer Oracle, SQL server, or any other flavor, do not shy from going for it. Keep in mind that if a service provider is not advertising it, they most likely don’t offer it.

5. Tech Support

This feature is very important. Ensure you find out the quality and types of tech support that your prospective host offers. Find out if you call phone them and at what times. Check out if they have a responsive support email address or a ticket system. What about live chat? Don’t choose a web host before you is clear on these things.

6. Site Backup

Remember your hosting service is not less susceptible to data loss than your computer. Servers are just big computers. Your host should protect your data by backing up both your files and databases.

Web hosting is clearly a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. Look for the above features when choosing a web host and make a greater impact.

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