DNS Protection

Overview of DNS Protection

The Domain Name System (DNS) is considered as the basic building block of any IT infrastructure. DNS is responsible for the functioning of all the applications and related protocols which are indulged in net communications. The DNS is essentially used for translating both host names to IP addresses (when a user starts are query in his computer / mobile / tablet or any kind of communication device) and IP addresses to host names (when the host servers replies to the query and sends information back to the device).

Growing Threats on DNS

DNS is very easy to play with and because of its easy structure, the number of threats are increasing on a daily basis. According to an annual security report on Cisco in 2014, almost all the examined networks were having inconsistencies and were arguably compromised. A whopping 96% of the networks were redirecting the traffic to hijacked servers.

Name Spoofing

While it is also known as “Misdirected Information”, it is not at all misdirected but deliberate. It is done by spoofing fake IP to the resolver during an important action (such as login, transaction) without even a single hint of hack. Forgers can very easily spoof the names of a trust-worthy network by predicting the time when a resolver sends a query.

How DNS protection can help?

Businesses think that getting a usual firewall installed in their servers will be more than just efficient to get the job done. This is a myth. Usual firewalls, however, protect the business network from an outside attack but are completely defenseless when the attack comes from infected local name server.

DNS Protection Software

DNS Protection Software is not a hidden fact that formal structure of DNS is essentially weak in many areas. This should not come as a surprise but there have been countless number of attacks on the DNS of many esteemed companies. The very first of its kind was back in 1997 when someone redirected a well-known name registry’s website to somewhere else in a form of protest.
Since then, the idea of hacking into the DNS structure is rapidly growing and the businesses are doing very little to protect their DNS servers.

DNS protection helps you in identifying the local host infections. It also helps in eliminating such threats and makes a customizable log report which further prevents the similar threat from attacking the servers in future.

DNS Protection Software is pre-configured to restrict harmful websites which contain malwares, spywares, and have a history of conducting phishing attacks. DNS protection provides both Recursive DNS services and Authoritative DNS services.

It is a proven specialist in content filtering, malware blocking and phishing blocking. When a server is infected, it usually connects to its botnet host server. DNS protection blocks the known botnet host server communications and the list of these host servers keep constantly upgraded.

DNS protection also provides you with a number of customization options. You can customize the list of botnets, malwares, content filters and many more of such known servers which, according to your experience, can compromise your DNS server.